Senior Underwriters Australia

Senior Underwriters Australia

The Risk Services Team is a dedicated team of professionals working closely with customers and buyers to ensure credit limit decisions are issued quickly and right the first time. Click on a field below to find out more about them. 

Hannah Walters Hannah Walters

Hannah Walters, Head of Risk Oceania

Hannah Walters manages the Risk Underwriting Team in Australia; remotely managing those in Perth and Brisbane.  Hannah is responsible for managing the Loss ratio across the Oceania Region as well as ensuring the Risk Team balances an “Enabling Trade and Managing Risk” approach to their underwriting to meet the ever increasing customer expectations.   Hannah joined Atradius Credit Insurance N.V. in 1997 and has underwritten in both the UK and Australian Markets across a wide range of industries and managed teams in both markets; this brings more than 19 years of Trade Credit Experience.  Hannah is based in Sydney and is a voting member of the Asia Pacific Credit Committee and sits on the Australian Leadership Team; she has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Finance.

Alena DobesAlena Dobes

Alena Dobes, Senior Underwriter of Global and Key Accounts

Alena Dobes works as a Senior Key Account Underwriter. Alena has more than 18 years of experience in banking and insurance. Before starting with Atradius, Alena worked for two years in EFIC as an industry underwriter responsible for the food and textile portfolio. Prior to that, Alena worked for ING Bank in the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands, specialising in risk management in relation to corporate and trading risk. She moved to Australia in 2000 to complete a Master of Commerce degree at Sydney University. Alena joined Atradius in October 2003, when it first established its Australian operation.  Since then, she has worked in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices. In her current role, Alena is responsible for a number of credit limit portfolios (global and local) and she is actively involved in underwriting of new business opportunities. Previously Alena was responsible for underwriting risk in South East Asia.

Shreekant DangraShreekant Dangra

Shreekant Dangra, Senior Underwriter Oceania

Shreekant Dangra works with the Risk Underwriting team as a Senior Underwriter. At Atradius he underwrites ICT (Electronics)/ Telecommunications/Energy & Fuel Portfolio and acts as Key Account Underwriter for around 10 Key Customers. Shreekant joined Atradius working in the Indian operations in 2010 and moved to Sydney in 2013, and has more than 10 years of experience working in Underwriting/Credit Rating/Risk Advisory Roles at various organizations in India and overseas. He has worked with KPMG and CARE Ratings (India), Damac Group (Dubai) and Atradius Credit Insurance (India & Australia).Shreekant holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce (Finance & Accounting) and Post-Graduate qualification in Management specialising in  Finance. 

Kathryn Aliberti Kathryn Aliberti

Kathryn Aliberti, Senior Underwriter Oceania

Kathryn Aliberti works as a Senior Underwriter and manages the Mining, Metals, Construction Materials, Machinery and Engineering portfolio. Kathryn graduated from the University of NSW with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Politics and History. With more than seven years experience working in various roles within the Credit Insurance industry, Kathryn joined Atradius in 2013 as an Underwriter responsible for the Construction materials, Machinery and Pacific Islands portfolio and has since taken up a team leader position within the Risk Services Team.

Maria YttriMaria Yttri

Maria Yttri, Associate Senior Underwriter

Maria Yttri began as an intern in Collections in early 2016 and quickly secured a full time Underwriting position in Risk when she completed her masters studies that same year. She looks after the construction sector in Australia and New Zealand, and with her valuable industry knowledge and technical abilities she provides her customers confidence when trading. Maria enjoys learning about the evolving market and how businesses adapt their business model to keep up.

Maria has a Master of Professional Accounting (awarded with excellence), and her previous work experience includes informal debt negotiations and consultancy for individuals in financial distress, as well as years of hospitality management in Australia and overseas.

Sweta IyengarSweta Iyengar

Sweta Iyengar, Associate Senior Underwriter

Sweta Iyengar joined Atradius in 2014, located in our Indian office before moving to Sydney in 2017 where she now underwrites our construction portfolio.

Sweta enjoys working for Atradius because we have a cooperative spirit and shared goals that revolve around helping our clients. She works in a logical, precise manner to make sure her underwriting knowledge proves valuable to our clients, ultimately protecting them from non-payment.

Prior to Atradius, Sweta worked for JP Morgan Services India Pvt. Ltd and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Post-Graduate qualification in Management specialising in Finance.

Yuchen PengYuchen Peng

Yuchen Peng,  Senior Underwriter 

Yuchen Peng is a Senior Underwriter in the Risk Underwriting team and is responsible for managing day to day client requests in the Electronics and Chemicals sectors. Yuchen has more than 7 years of experience working in trade credit insurance, his career started as a risk analyst in 2010 for Coface where he then progressed to the position of Senior Manager for Information and Internal Ratings. Yuchen studied and graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting at the University of NSW with a Masters in Financial Analysis, he has also completed Level II of the Chartered Financial Analyst program.

Erik de Jager Erik de Jager

Erik de Jager, Underwriter 

Erik de Jager joined Atradius in September 2017 as an Underwriter in Risk Services. He is an experienced credit expert, previously working at ING Bank as a branch associate and at American Express as a Credit Analyst and Credit Team Coordinator. Erik moved from the Netherlands to Australia in 2019 and successfully manages a portfolio of companies helping them to reduce risk and provides excellent customer service. Erik has a degree in Business Administration (BBA) and has studied International Hospitality Management at Stenden University in the Netherlands.

Hanna FalckHanna Falck

Hanna Falck, Underwriter 

Hanna Falck joined Atradius in 2017 and is an Underwriter in our Risk team. In her role, Hanna underwrites for the food, agriculture and finance sectors. She thrives on helping clients understand the credit risk they face with their buyers so she can help them protect themselves from non-payment. Previously, Hanna has worked in bookkeeping, as an Administrative Assistant and has completed a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Technology Sydney.


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