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Protect & grow your business

Credit insurance for your business

Our Trade Credit Insurance, also known as debtor insurance, helps protect your business from losses that may be caused by the failure of a customer to pay.

It can also help your business grow by giving you the confidence to extend more credit to existing customers, explore new markets or products and secure finance from your bank.

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Credit Insurance

With Atradius Credit Insurance you can trade with confidence and explore new markets or products, knowing that your business is protected against credit risk such as the insolvency of your customers.

Debt Collections

No matter where you, or your debtor, are located in the world, we can support your collection of outstanding invoices in any country, time zone, currency and language.

Case Study

What are customers saying about Atradius?

“Atradius came out on top in terms of rates, customer service, knowledge of the market and presence in the countries where we traded”. Brett Kelly,  Bega Cheese

Read more about how we are working in partnership with Bega Cheese and other customers like them.

Brett Kelly, Bega Cheese

How we work with you

Find out on what to expect when you get in touch with one of our departments at Atradius

Account Management

Joe Lewis, Head of Client Services
Joe explains what you can expect when you call your Account Manager

When you call your Account manager at Atradius, you can expect to be speaking to someone who knows your account intimately and can assist you with any questions you may have ranging from policy queries to credit limit and claims decisions.

We are also responsible for restructuring and pricing your policy at renewal time.  We strive to give you the most competitive offer and the highest level of service.

We have very experienced and senior account managers.  The majority of our account managers have a minimum 10 - 15 years’ experience in both customer service and/or credit insurance. 

Our main objective is to ensure you remain satisfied with Atradius and the cover we provide to you and that we communicate our decision to you in a timely and effective manner.

We welcome any feedback you have or suggestions for a higher level of customer service.


Mark Shehadie

Mark Shehadie, Head of Claims
Mark explains what you can expect when you call the Claims team

When you contact the claims department you will be speaking with a claims examiner, either someone who’s managing your claim or likely to be. The examiner will be more than happy to assist you with any query.

If you have a query regarding an existing claim, please have the Claims Reference number we quote on all of our correspondence, this will allow us to quickly identify the status of your claim so that we can assist to the best of our ability.

If your query relates to a new claim, then please have the claim submission details with you so that we can confirm receipt of your claim. We will be happy to discuss our claims process and documentation required for us to finalise our assessment of your claim.

Trade credit claims can sometimes seem overly complicated. Please be rest assured that our goal is to make the claims assessment process as straight forward as possible, assessing liability quickly and efficiently, and ensuring you receive compensation for the loss you have suffered as soon as possible.


Collection Agent

Anna Nowak

Anna Nowak, Collections Country Manager, Oceania
Anna explains what you can expect when you call the Collections team.

Your first point of contact for any questions concerning debt collection should be straight to Atradius Collections. As we are the debt collection specialists we can walk you through the entire process, what is required, what to expect, suggested time frames and any potential costs. We can also explain to you how our service fits in with your insurance policy and any possible future claim.

What you’ll find when you call is a team of Collectors who have years of experience between them. We have seen and heard it all before! We all have access to the system so anyone should be able to provide an update on the collection activity for your cases; even if they are not the collector handling the file.

We are here to help and recovery your money as fast as possible. We are the experts who negotiate and request money from people all day, every day, so you don’t have to.


Mary Ibrahim

Mary Ibrahim, Head of Global Oceania
Mary explains what you can expect when you call your Account Manager, Global

Our Global unit is responsible for the management and servicing of our multinational customers.   We are part of a team worldwide specifically responsible for servicing multinational companies and their subsidiaries worldwide.

When you call your Account Manager in our Global team, you can expect to receive the highest quality service supported by a team of risk underwriters and claims staff.  We are responsible for ensuring that you can manage your business whilst we manage your risk.

We work closely with our global teams to ensure alignment between you and your related companies worldwide.

Our Global Account managers have many years experience both in Oceania and abroad.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

New Business

Jonathan O'Doherty

Jonathan O'Doherty, Head of New Business
Jonathan explains what you can expect when you call New Business

New Business is the contact point for brokers and prospective customers to speak to an Atradius Commercial Underwriter about obtaining trade credit insurance with Atradius.

Collectively the team has in excess of 60 years’ experience.

We are happy to meet with you to better understand your business and can arrange this virtually or in-person depending on your preference.

The team will be able to guide you through coverage available, pricing and structure options to best suit your requirements.

Give us a call and let our experts find a solution for you.

Risk Underwriting

Carl Earls, Head of Risk Underwriting

Carl Earls, Head of Risk Oceania
Carl explains what you can expect when you call the Risk team

The risk underwriting department is a dedicated team of professionals working closely with our customers and their buyers to ensure credit limit decisions are issued quickly and right the first time, considering all available information.

We are industry specific which allows us to understand the sectors our customers and their buyers operate in, making us better prepared to accommodate sector specificities and market changes.

Focused on issuing decision to facilitate trade, where we cannot accommodate a request, our focus is to ensure our customers understand our position and how we can move forward. We are here to help you as effectively and as efficiently as possible. 80% of our decisions in AUS/NZ are issued within 48hours.

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