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The Annual Report is a complete overview of the performance of Atradius N.V. in a year. It includes performance and strategy, full year accounts and additional financial information.

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Atradius Annual Report 2015 – Genuinely interacting with customers




Atradius Annual Report cover 2015



Many companies claim to put customers at the centre of their world. We genuinely do. We treat our customers as close partners and they rely on us to provide the best service possible. That includes constantly enhancing our services and creating new products that improve our value proposition.

In 2015, this included our latest online innovation, designed with customers for the benefit of customers - Atradius Insights – an advanced business intelligence tool, that received the prestigious Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award in 2015.

The year also saw expansion of our activities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We opened a new office for Credit Insurance in Russia and an office in South Korea. Atradius Collections entered new markets in Canada, China and India. Demand for our bonding offering grew too.

Our credit insurance business performed well, with a notable result in Spain, our largest credit insurance market, where revenue increased by 2.5% compared to 2014. In the other mature markets of Western Europe we also built on our market position.

Elsewhere, North America (+24.6%), Oceania (+13.2%), Central and Eastern Europe (+16.5%) and Asia (+11.7%) all showed pleasing revenue growth, in line with our ambition to expand in these regions.

Our Special Products unit achieved noteworthy revenue growth of 21.8%, while our Global unit also performed well, with revenue up by 5.4%. Our Bonding (+8.8%) and Reinsurance (+0.7%) units followed the positive revenue trend of the Credit Insurance units. Our Collections unit saw an increase in debt placements, as service income increased by 5.7%, with a strong contribution from our expanding non-insured collections product line in North East Asia.

Looking at our bottom line results, we’re pleased with the profit for the year of EUR 178.2 million: an increase of 10.6% on 2014.

The new insurance and reinsurance regulation for the European Economic Area, Solvency II, came into force on 1 January 2016. Through our careful preparation throughout 2015, we have not only met those requirements but also taken this opportunity to further bolster our capital management, risk management and internal control systems.


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