Claims and Recoveries Team Australia

Claims and Recoveries Team Australia

The Claims and Recoveries Team are here to assist you with any claims queries you may have. Click on a field below to find out more about them.

Iain GuthrieIain Guthrie

Iain Guthrie, Senior Claims Examiner, Asia Pacific, Claims & Recoveries

Iain Guthrie is a senior claims examiner and is responsible for claim assessment and recoveries for policy holders based in Australia and New Zealand. He has been involved in the credit insurance industry for 15 years. He worked for EFIC as an account manager three year before joining Atradius in 2003. For the first 10 years at Atradius, Iain worked as a risk underwriter. He moved to the claims department in 2014. Iain has a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Apart from Credit Insurance, Iain’s previous work experience includes, being an insolvency practitioner and working in the finance and factoring industry.

Ruth JenkinsRuth Jenkins

Ruth Jenkins, Recoveries Manager, Asia Pacific, Claims & Recoveries

Ruth joined NCM Collections in Cardiff just before their launch in 1999, she worked there for a few months before taking a position in Recoveries.  

She moved back to Atradius Collections in February 2013 as a Senior Debt Collector and Training Manager and spent a number of years traveling around Europe testing and implementing the interface between CLEAR and SCORE.

In October 2005 she came to Sydney to assist in the set-up of SCORE for Atradius Collections and provide training, which continued until June 2006.    

After becoming attached to Sydney, Ruth decided that she did not want to leave and took up a position on the Client Relations Team.

Ruth is currently a Recoveries and Claims Manager and has been in this role since March 2011.

Cal JenkinsonCal Jenkinson

Cal Jenkinson, Claims Examiner, Asia Pacific, Claims & Recoveries

Cal is a Claims Examiner based in Sydney and is responsible for claim assessment and recovery action for policyholders in Australia and New Zealand.  Joining the Atradius Group in 2015 as a member of the Collections team, Cal has managed a large portfolio of domestic SME’s, large corporations and multinational clients.  Cal has acted on behalf of uninsured creditors, policyholders and Atradius Credit Insurance N.V in pre-legal commercial disputes and has also managed clients through litigation to the point of bankruptcy and liquidation.   Cal’s experience with both clients and debtors in various industries enables him to provide informed advice on recovery and enforcement options, insolvency trends and cost effective results that maximise returns to policy holders either pre or post claim.  
Cal has qualifications in Arts (Government & International Relations, History) and Law (LPAB) from The University of Sydney and is an admitted solicitor in NSW, although he does not retain a practicing certificate in his role at Atradius.