Global Team Australia

Global Team Australia

Atradius Global is a specialist team dedicated to protecting the cash flow of Australian multinational companies. We're able to work closely with your regional operations as we're situated in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Alfredo RaimondoAlfredo Raimondo

Alfredo Raimondo, Senior Account Manager

Alfredo is the Senior Global Account Manager for the Atradius Global & Asia department. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for multinational businesses in Australia and New Zealand. He joined Atradius Global in 2004 operating out of our office in Italy before moving to Australia in 2013. Alfredo has over 15 years experience working with multinational businesses. He is dedicated to helping top tier companies bring the world new and exciting products and services, navigating variables like global fluctuations in trade, legislation, language and cultural differences. 

Ning CaoNing Cao

Ning Cao, Account Manager

Ning is the Global Account Manager for the Atradius Global & Asia department and is based in Sydney. Together with Alfredo Raimondo, they manage a portfolio of large multinational companies, originating in Australia or New Zealand who hold global policies with Atradius. Prior to joining Atradius Global in 2014, Ning worked as a Trade Credit Insurance broker for over two years. Before specialising in Trade Credit, Ning was a Corporate banker for over give years with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and St. George Bank, looking after companies from diversified industries.

Ning has in-depth knowledge about the working capital and financing requirements of companies, and is adept in relationship management, quantitative and qualitative financial analysis, risk management and commercial lending. Ning holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of NSW, and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.


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