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A sale is only a sale if you get paid

How are you protecting your cash flow? Most businesses trade on credit terms with their customers, letting them purchase as they need and pay later.

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Trade credit insurance now costs less than you think

In a perfect world, your business would be comprehensively and fully insured against every possible risk you could ever think of.

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Operating risks if your biggest customer goes broke

Part of running a successful business involves targeting the most lucrative customers, then doing what it takes to keep them loyal and happy.

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5 ways your competitors use credit insurance to grow

Business growth requires far more than a successful sales team, good margins, and a durable business model.

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5 ways Petro National uses credit insurance to grow

Achieving business growth requires a strong C-suite of leaders that have a vision for the future and a strategic plan to achieve it.

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Want a point of difference in your insurance offer?

As an insurance broker, you’re probably used to making sure your clients understand the risks their businesses face, then helping them choose the right policies to protect against those risks.

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Is your credit management process hitting your profit?

Extending credit to your customers can be a great way to increase the amount they buy and develop strong relationships with them.

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