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Investing in projects to help people through COVID-19

Atradius news

8th April 2020

Atradius' parent company, Grupo Catalana Occidente (GCO), has taken an active role in providing help and support for different communities affected by the coronavirus crisis.

David Capdevila appointed new Chief Executive Officer

Press release

31st October 2019

Amsterdam, 31 October 2019 – From 1 January 2020, he will replace Isidoro Unda who has announced his departure after 12 years as the insurance company's Chief Executive Officer.

Canada has joined Mexico and the US in a new trade deal

Atradius news

3rd October 2018

US Canada agree to trade deal, avert potential trade nightmare

Impact of legislation changes to preference claims

Atradius news

29th September 2017

Companies with customers that become insolvent face a significant impact to their cash flow if debts go unpaid.

Know the trustee & trust you are trading with

Atradius news

7th September 2017

Before you commence trade with a new trading partner it’s important you identify the trustee of the trust.

Insolvency Forecasts February 2017

Atradius news

1st February 2017

Atradius forecasts insolvencies across advanced markets to fall only 2% in 2017, the weakest performance since 2009.

Why retailers should consider credit insurance

Atradius news

18th November 2016

High-profile company collapses of Dick Smith and Laura Ashley have highlighted the need for retail suppliers to consider credit insurance.

Preparing retail business for January pressure

Atradius news

15th November 2016

In January there is usually a spike in the number of retail business insolvencies. Credit insurance can help retailers avoid going out of business by protecting their cash flow.

Why Credit Insurance lets you take on more risk?

Atradius news

8th November 2016

An article written by Atradius ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was published on Business Business Business online.

What is credit insurance?

Atradius news

4th November 2016

An article written by Atradius ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was published on mybusiness online. The articles focuses on the problems faced by businesses who don’t opt for credit insurance.


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