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93.8 per cent of businesses experience late payments

Atradius news

2nd May 2016

Late payment of outstanding invoices affects most businesses

How to gain an extra layer of protection when exporting

Atradius news

9th May 2016

One of the most effective elements in a risk management plan is trade credit insurance.

Why trade credit insurance can be vital when exporting

Atradius news

15th April 2016

Atradius features in Dynamic Export article ‘Why trade credit insurance can be vital when exporting’

Western Europe: 9 of 10 businesses report late payment

Press release

14th April 2016

Amsterdam, 14 April 2016 - Late payment affects 90% of businesses in Western Europe, Atradius survey reveals

Mixed Fortunes for Construction Sector

Atradius news

4th April 2016

Atradius features in the Trade Earth Movers article ‘Mixed Fortunes for Construction Sector’

Atradius Collections strengthens its presence in India

Press release

14th March 2016

Amsterdam, 14 March 2016

An Australian insolvency snapshot for 2016

Atradius news

1st March 2016

Just when the Australian dollar is starting to bounce back against the US dollar after dipping last year, the local market is now being hit by the fluctuations in the Chinese economy.

Atradius Australian insolvency outlook March 2016

Atradius news

7th March 2016

The Australian economy is generally stable compared to many other countries in the region and around the world. However, the local market is facing a deteriorating insolvency landscape.

The growth of credit insurance in Australia

Atradius news

2nd March 2016

Credit insurance has seen a significant increase in uptake in Australia, particularly over the past six months, according to Atradius.

Dynamic Business An Insolvency Snapshot for 2016

Atradius news

29th February 2016

Dynamic Business ‘An Insolvency Snapshot for 2016’