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Investing in projects to help people through COVID-19

Atradius news

8th April 2020

Atradius' parent company, Grupo Catalana Occidente (GCO), has taken an active role in providing help and support for different communities affected by the coronavirus crisis.

David Capdevila appointed new Chief Executive Officer

Press release

31st October 2019

Amsterdam, 31 October 2019 – From 1 January 2020, he will replace Isidoro Unda who has announced his departure after 12 years as the insurance company's Chief Executive Officer.

Canada has joined Mexico and the US in a new trade deal

Atradius news

3rd October 2018

US Canada agree to trade deal, avert potential trade nightmare

Impact of legislation changes to preference claims

Atradius news

29th September 2017

Companies with customers that become insolvent face a significant impact to their cash flow if debts go unpaid.

Know the trustee & trust you are trading with

Atradius news

7th September 2017

Before you commence trade with a new trading partner it’s important you identify the trustee of the trust.

Insolvency Forecasts February 2017

Atradius news

1st February 2017

Atradius forecasts insolvencies across advanced markets to fall only 2% in 2017, the weakest performance since 2009.

Why retailers should consider credit insurance

Atradius news

18th November 2016

High-profile company collapses of Dick Smith and Laura Ashley have highlighted the need for retail suppliers to consider credit insurance.

Preparing retail business for January pressure

Atradius news

15th November 2016

In January there is usually a spike in the number of retail business insolvencies. Credit insurance can help retailers avoid going out of business by protecting their cash flow.

Why Credit Insurance lets you take on more risk?

Atradius news

8th November 2016

An article written by Atradius ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was published on Business Business Business online.

What is credit insurance?

Atradius news

4th November 2016

An article written by Atradius ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was published on mybusiness online. The articles focuses on the problems faced by businesses who don’t opt for credit insurance.

European companies fear increase of high-risk customers

Press release

3rd November 2016

Amsterdam, 3 November, 2016 - Atradius Collections releases 10th edition of the Global Collections Review examining the collections behaviour of companies across 30 countries.

Message from small businesses |Please pay your bills

Atradius news

3rd November 2016

Article published on Business Insurance Australia online features Atradius discussing statistics in payment periods and maintaining cash flows.

Press release Oil price and Russian country risk

Press release

2nd November 2016

Amsterdam, November 2, 2016 – The oil price decline has created headwinds for the Russian economy.

Asia-Pac businesses worried over cash flow protection

Atradius news

2nd November 2016

Article published on Insurance Business online features Atradius Chief Market Officer, Andreas Tesch, and Managing Director of Atradius Asia, Eric Den Boogert.

APAC: cash flow protection tops businesses' agenda

Press release

20th October 2016

Amsterdam, 20 October, 2016 - Payment Practices Barometer Asia Pacific shows that around 90% of the suppliers surveyed experienced late payment of invoices from their B2B customers.

Five ways credit insurance can protect your cashflow

Atradius news

20th October 2016

Article written by ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was published online on Business Business Business discussing how credit insurance protects your cash flow.

Payment Practices Barometer Australia

Atradius news

20th October 2016

Atradius recently published a new Payment Practices Barometer for Australia. This publication discusses various topics such as average payment durations and key payment delay factors.

Claims increase in trade credit insurance market

Atradius news

13th October 2016

Atradius ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was featured in an article published on ‘Insurance Business’ online, ‘Claims increase in trade credit insurance market’.

Ten principles for export success to China

Press release

12th October 2016

Amsterdam, 12th of October, 2016 - To help exporters maximize their chances of business success in China, Atradius Credit Insurance has published the ''Trade successfully with China'' guide.

External FAQs

Atradius news

10th October 2016

Online with Atradius - New Login for improved access to online services.

Why you must health-check your business portfolio

Atradius news

30th September 2016

An Atradius article written by ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was recently published online in ‘Inside Small Business’, ‘Why you must health-check your business portfolio’.

Iberinform acquires an 80% share in Ignios

Press release

29th September 2016

Madrid, 29th of September, 2016 - Iberinform acquired an 80% share in Portuguese company Ignios and its subsidiary Gestifatura.

Insolvency outlook deteriorates in NAFTA and Brazil

Press release

28th September 2016

Baltimore, 28th of September, 2016

Atradius acquires Graydon

Press release

19th September 2016

Amsterdam, 19th of September, 2016 - Atradius acquires Graydon - strengthens collections and information services offering companies aligned in goal to develop information and technology.

SMEs should heed the warnings of rising insolvencies

Atradius news

15th September 2016

Atradius’ article by ANZ Managing Director published online in ‘Smart Company’, ‘SMEs should heed the warnings of rising insolvencies’.

Atradius spreads its wings into South Korea

Press release

7th September 2016

Hong Kong, 7th of September, 2016 - Atradius was recently awarded a license to operate in South Korea, which increases Atradius’ Asian footprint, to 14 countries in total.

The true cost of credit insurance August 2016

Atradius news

29th August 2016

Atradius’ article published online in ‘Inside Small Business’, ‘The true cost of credit insurance’.

Insolvency bump opens doors in key sectors

Atradius news

5th August 2016

Atradius ANZ Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, was featured in an article on Insurance Business Online discussing the rising number of insolvencies and key sectors affected.

Market Monitor - ICT industry - Australia

Atradius news

24th July 2016

The Australian government is driving growth in the IT market through its purchase programme and various initiatives, such as a Cyber Security Strategy.

Atradius Sydney Broker Event at The Ivy

Atradius news

22nd July 2016

Atradius Credit Insurance Australia held its annual broker event in Sydney last week, a black tie event, which took place at The Ivy Penthouse.

Exporting Snapshot reveals high-risk exporting areas

Atradius news

21st July 2016

Atradius article published in Exporter Magazine, ‘Exporting Snapshot reveals high-risk exporting areas’.

The high-risk countries for budding exporters

Atradius news

13th July 2016

An article by Atradius Credit Insurance Managing Director, Mark Hoppe, titled ‘The high-risk countries for budding exporters’.

Monthly export snapshot report from Mark Hoppe

Atradius news

11th July 2016

Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, and India should perhaps not be on your list if you’re thinking of exporting or expanding internationally, unless you can do so on secured payment terms.

How credit insurance can boost your overseas expansion

Atradius news

7th July 2016

The economic shifts, new trade deals, and fluctuating interest rates in Australia will make the financial year for 2017 an interesting one for most companies, and especially those looking to expand.

How construction businesses can face the apartment glut

Atradius news

4th July 2016

Concerns are high for a looming apartment glut in Australia’s biggest cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union

Press release

24th June 2016

Amsterdam, June 24th 2016 - After weeks of speculation the future path for the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union is confirmed.

Atradius Collections releases Debt Collections Handbook

Press release

23rd June 2016

Amsterdam, June 23d 2016 - Atradius Collections releases International Debt Collections Handbook covering debt collection practices across 42 countries

Credit insurance can boost overseas expansion

Atradius news

1st June 2016

Atradius features in the article ‘Credit insurance can boost overseas expansion, Atradius’ on Insurance Business online.

Five reasons to consider credit insurance before 1 July

Atradius news

24th May 2016

An article by Atradius Credit Insurance Managing Director, Mark Hoppe features on Inside Small Business online.

3 steps to a successful agricultural export business

Atradius news

4th May 2016

Atradius recommends three steps agricultural exporters should keep in mind

93.8 per cent of businesses experience late payments

Atradius news

2nd May 2016

Late payment of outstanding invoices affects most businesses

How to gain an extra layer of protection when exporting

Atradius news

9th May 2016

One of the most effective elements in a risk management plan is trade credit insurance.

Why trade credit insurance can be vital when exporting

Atradius news

15th April 2016

Atradius features in Dynamic Export article ‘Why trade credit insurance can be vital when exporting’

Western Europe: 9 of 10 businesses report late payment

Press release

14th April 2016

Amsterdam, 14 April 2016 - Late payment affects 90% of businesses in Western Europe, Atradius survey reveals

Mixed Fortunes for Construction Sector

Atradius news

4th April 2016

Atradius features in the Trade Earth Movers article ‘Mixed Fortunes for Construction Sector’

Atradius Collections strengthens its presence in India

Press release

14th March 2016

Amsterdam, 14 March 2016

An Australian insolvency snapshot for 2016

Atradius news

1st March 2016

Just when the Australian dollar is starting to bounce back against the US dollar after dipping last year, the local market is now being hit by the fluctuations in the Chinese economy.

Atradius Australian insolvency outlook March 2016

Atradius news

7th March 2016

The Australian economy is generally stable compared to many other countries in the region and around the world. However, the local market is facing a deteriorating insolvency landscape.

The growth of credit insurance in Australia

Atradius news

2nd March 2016

Credit insurance has seen a significant increase in uptake in Australia, particularly over the past six months, according to Atradius.

Dynamic Business An Insolvency Snapshot for 2016

Atradius news

29th February 2016

Dynamic Business ‘An Insolvency Snapshot for 2016’