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Online with Atradius - New Login for improved access to online services.

Why are we doing this?

Increased security. Security threats are more and more common and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, we therefore need to ensure that our internal and external environments use the very latest tools to enable secure access now and in the future.  The new login process adopts more robust security protocols and allows our users to manage their accounts more effectively.


To allow personalisation.  We are currently building a new Portal which will eventually replace Serv@Net.  The new Portal is centred around what you need as an individual.  It will allow much more customisation to enable you to manage your policy or portfolio much more effectively and will allow you to choose to receive the information that is important to you.


I have rejected the terms and conditions for Insights but I am not taken back to the login page, nor am I given further instructions.

If you select No to the terms and conditions within Insights you are not able to access the application.  If you do select No by mistake you will need to go back to the login page and re-enter your details before you can accept.


I have an errors when I try to login.

Have you book marked the page? Are you trying to login using the history in your browser? Are you using the back button?  


I am using the back button, why does it not work?

The navigation buttons in the URL have been disabled for security reasons and to enable the login process to be more accessible to all users and devices.


Why can I not open the application if I use the history or bookmark the landing page?

In both cases the reason for the error will be the same.  The page can be bookmarked but you need to bookmark the URL’s (Insert production URL’s) and not just select to bookmark from the login page. 

The reason for this is because the URL for both S@N and Insights redirect to a secure login page.  If you bookmark this page when you try to login in future the system does not know your starting position and therefore cannot take you directly to the correct system.  If you do bookmark you will need to ensure that the bookmark contains the correct URL details for S@N and Insights.


How can I bookmark the websites?

The process will be different in different browsers.  You may need support from your local IT support team.



Action Result
Open IE session IE opens with users default page displayed
From Menu bar, click on Favourites > Add to favourites Add a favourite box opens
Give the Favourite a name (choose a folder if applicable) and click Add Add a favourite box closes
From menu bar, click on Favourites Favourites list opens
Right click on the Favourite just stored and choose Properties Favourite properties opens
In the Web Document tab, delete the URL and replace it with the Serv@Net/Insights URL New URL updated into favourite
Click OK Favourite now available to use



Action Result
Open Chrome session  Chrome opens with users default page displayed
In the URL bar, click the star on the far right hand side of the field Bookmark option opens
Click On Edit Edit Bookmark opens
Enter a Name and change the URL present to the Serv@Net/Insights URL Name and URL for Serv@Net/Insights ready to save
Add to specific folder required, or to the bookmarks bar etc. Chosen location ready to save
Click OK Edit Bookmark closes and bookmark now available to use


How can I change my user profile settings?

You can change your user settings within Serv@Net by selecting User Profile and selecting the User Profile hyperlink.  You will be able to update your language preference, your name, email address, password and security questions on this page.  Please note that any changes made here will also affect your user settings in Insights.

You can change your user settings within Insights by selecting My Account in Insights.  This will direct you to the same user profile page used in Serv@Net.  Any changes made here will also be reflected in Serv@Net.  You will be able to update your language preference, your name, email address, password and security questions on this page.


Why can’t I record the same email address on multiple user ids.

The security restrictions within the application restrict the ability to link the same email address to  multiple user ids.  Password expiry warning messages and security access links the user id to an email and as such the system does not allow multiple email addresses to be used on more than one user id.  If you use a generic or team account to manage the email alerts you can still continue to do so.  You could set the email address to one of the user id’s belonging to your organisation with the generic email address or else set rules within your email account to forward alert emails to a central box.

There are some individuals who have multiple user accounts because they have large volumes of policies to manage.  In these cases individuals will need to have multiple email accounts before the user id can be registered.


I am a Connect user will I also need to register my account?

No, Connect users will not be moved to the new system in this phase.  A second phase will move Connect users onto the new platform, you will be contacted about this separately.


I have registered my account but I did not get an email advising me of the account registration.

If the email address was completed at the time of the user creation an email would have been sent to the user advising them of their user id and password directly.  In this instance the user will not get another email advising them of the registration.  They will only get an email if they change their email address.


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